The TeamLease Foundation Difference

an integrated approach to job creation

Unlike most CSR TPAs, TeamLease Foundation (TLF) views skilling, employability and employment as a continuum that needs to be looked at as a whole. TLF has made significant investments to develop skilling and capabilities in-house.
What TeamLease Foundation’s integrated solutions mean to you

Empowering women from underprivileged backgrounds

India can potentially add $700B to its GDP if women become a significant part of the workforce, moving from their current level of 22% to 50%. TeamLease Foundation’s native expertise in skilling and its all-India reach gives it a unique advantage when it comes to solving this problem at scale.
Why TeamLease Foundation is your best partner in this journey

Helping the rural youth unlock their potential

India’s biggest strength is its young demography and the potential it has to create a deca-trillion economy. For this to happen, the power of the youth needs to be channeled towards employability.
How TeamLease Foundation can make it happen

Your CSR funds are valuable and they can change India for the better. They need to be utilized effectively and efficiently. TeamLease Foundation (TLF) is an initiative of the TeamLease Group, one of the biggest names in Manpower Supply Chain & General Staffing in India and is best positioned to create skilling for employability and employment.

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