Vocational skilling in healthcare

The healthcare industry will continue to hire even in the future. The need for healthcare services has increased so is the demand for skilled healthcare workers. Since the pandemic has increased the scope of opportunities in the health sector, the ministry is working with individual countries to work out the equivalence of qualifications.

The most in-demand job roles at the moment are,

  • Healthcare-workers
  • Lab technicians
  • Hospital Staff

However, there is a significant shortage of skilled laborers in the healthcare sector. As a direct result, barely 10% of the country's general population has access to proper healthcare. To accommodate the primary care gap, healthcare job vacancies are growing in both government and private sectors at an exponential rate that won't be slowing down for decades. From doctors to nurses to physical therapists - the country is in desperate need for more talent, which only intensifies the requirements for skilled labor experts within each department.

5 must-have skills for the healthcare industry

  • Empathetic nature
  • Tight working hours
  • Time Management
  • Stress Management
  • Flexibility

Hopefully India’s healthcare workforce will continue to prosper, and that the demand for more skilled professionals such as medical technicians will grow with technological advancements. Many new employees will be needed if the increased numbers of healthcare businesses in India continues to do well. This will create a huge income opportunity for unemployed youths to make a career out of it, if trained properly.

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