Integrated CSR Solutions

Have you ever wondered how to leverage CSR initiatives for your company? It can be quite difficult to understand at first. Luckily, there are plenty of strategies on how you can balance your company’s social responsibilities with its reputation and continued growth. That’s why we recommend looking into one strategy in particular called Integrated Corporate Social Responsibility (Integrated CSR) to give yourself the best chance of success in reconditioning the public eye toward a more positive outcome!

Integrated Corporate Social Responsibility (Integrated CSR) is based on the fact that CSR, Brand and Reputation management have a common ground. Both are rooted in a stakeholder-oriented perspective.

When working on Integrated Corporate Social Responsibility (Integrated CSR), TeamLease’s support encompasses analysis, strategy definition and assistance in developing subsequent programs.

  • We observe all relevant internal and external points of contact between CSR activities
  • We seek close co-operation with functions like corporate brand and corporate reputation management.
  • We aim to develop strategies aligned with an overall brand and reputation approach

Each project is tailored to the individual corporation, association, or institution, since we are aware that Corporate Social Responsibility is specific to each sector, each industry and each organization.

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